Gig List
Future gigs will turn up here. Watch out for the exciting new “Piano Man” project now it is underway as well as further work with Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts, Katie Bradley and Broken Biscuit.
 Friday 9th January
With: Piano Man
Where: Frome Court, Longmead Way, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 3TS (Private Party) 19:00-21:00pm
Saturday 24th November
With: Piano Man
Where: Private Party, Bishopsbourne
Saturday 15th December
With: Rags2Riches
Where: The Brookdale Club, 3, Winslade Way, Catford, London SE6 4JU
Friday 21st December
With: The Jeff Barker Band
Where: The Minnis Bar and Restaurant, The Parade, Birchington, Margate, Kent CT7 9QP Tel: 01843 841844
Monday 3rd-Saturday 8th December 2012
Piano Man is playing for Lyminge Dramatic Society’s Production of “Beauty and the Beast”. Tickets available from Laing Bennet, 8 Station Road, Lyminge, Kent CT18 8HP or phone 01303 864220 and leave a message.
Updated 4th November 2012
Friday 23rd November
With: Piano Man
Where: Private Party, Bishopsbourne
Thursday 15th November
With: Katie Bradley
Where: The Chambers, Radnor 
Chambers, Cheriton Place, Folkestone 
CT20 2BB
Monday 31st December
With: Piano Man
Where:Private Party, Colchester, details tbc
MARCH 2013
Saturday 9th March
With: The Jeff Barker Band
Where: Private Party tbc
Friday 15th March
With: Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts
Where: The Stag Community Arts Centre, London Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 1ZZ